“Cynicism & the Faltering Public Will”

When I first started reading this article I was really discouraged. It confirmed all my worst fears that Journalism as a profession is dying. Most people don’t even read newspapers anymore, and if they do, it’s usually some form of online news site. Many people admit that they have given up on news all together, and turn to Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert to get their daily updates. Now don’t get me wrong I’m a fan of both the above, but to rely on them and them only for your source of news is just upsetting (especially for those of us that are going to school for this!). However, by the end of the article Rosen had lifted my spirits. He is so determined in “using the power of the press to re-engage people in public life” that I was inspired. It was a little standard to bring up the Muckrakers (I knew he was going there before I even read it) but it’s true regardless. Journalism was founded in this country as a way to reveal what was really going on, and books like The Jungle did not only inform the public, but encouraged them to bring about change. Let’s bring that heart back to the media today!

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