Lines must be drawn

After reading the first article, “Cynicism and the Faltering Public Will,” Rosen left me feeling encouraged, pumped up actually, to go out and do some real reporting. To bring back the essence of the Muckrackers and start making the public aware and bring about some change. And then I read the rest of the articles, and I’m right back where I started…discouraged, and once again questioning my area of study. I am not a tech-savvy person. I don’t blog or Tweet, I don’t go on Reddit, and I rarely even use Facebook. (I should mention I don’t have a cell phone or an IPod either-crazy right?) Not because I hate technology or the media, but because I’m a broke college student. Now don’t get me wrong I like the ITunes and the Internet, but for me it just comes down to the fact that online media is just not as good, all around. Just the fact alone that I hate reading of screens. I always buy novels and textbooks in hard copy. I like the way the binded paper feels in my hands, and physically highlighting sentences I like or writing thoughts in the margins. Call me old fashioned, but it’s just not the same with a cursor. That alone is enough for me. Then there are the small little details that many online sources are not even credible, and even if they have been some form of fact-checked, the information is not well-rounded. Most of these articles come from print sources, they rarely use primary sources. As stated in the article “The death of the news,” “Observation is the building block of not just journalism, but of all human knowledge.” We NEED primary sources, and we need more then one person reporting on them. How else can we get a well-rounded, educated opinion? I am a very out-spoken person and I am not saying people shouldn’t share their beliefs, but opinions should be left for the opinion section, and news should be objective. Provide all sides of the story, and let the public make up there own minds. I’m not saying death to blogs, but lines must be drawn. Go to blogs for someone’s opinion, go to a newspaper for the facts.


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