Pending Opinion

After finishing this weeks reading, I tried to get on and start blogging right away, but I couldn’t. I am a very outspoken person, but on this particular day I experienced a crazy phenomenon, I could not form an opinion. When leaving class last week, I was pretty confident in my opinions on social media, and felt I had created a solid platform. At first glance, I was excited about the readings, because both sides of the story were present, so I knew I would get well-rounded information that could solidify my stance even more. Wrong. As I read on, I became more and more confused. Did Twitter really play a significant role in these revolutions, or was it just computer-crazed American teens who had no real idea what they were contributing to? Are these blogging sites legitimate ways to find out what’s really going on in the world, or just gossip networks that just happened to get it right once? Although my view is a little shaky, I know one thing for sure, we should definitely start paying attention.


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