A self-destructive revolution

In class we saw that video that told us that the creators of Facebook once work for InQTel and the Deptartment of Defense. I’m not a conspiracy theorist and I don’t think that Facebook is going to become SkyNet, but there is no denying that it is a superb data collector. Upon signing the privacy policy, we are granting our information to the site, which then sells it to advertizing agencies. Teenagers are excellent marketing tools, tell their parents what they want, and their parents buy it for them. My 15-year-old cousin lives on Facebook. She and her friends post everything they do and think. What better way to find out about human behavior, or better yet, what they want. It’s even thrown back at you right on the page; the ads that run alongside your profile are tailored to your interests. In our reading “Iran: Downside to the Twitter Revolution” Evengy Morozov explains how this can be taken to a more dangerous level. “As it happens, both Twitter and Facebook give Iran’s secret service superb platforms for gathering open source intelligence about the future revolutionaries…Once regimes used to torture to get this kind of data; now it’s freely available on Facebook.” I hadn’t even thought of this. If people are organizing protests online, governments can easily track this and preemptively strike. Imagine the irony when medium that helped to coordinate these revolutions is exactly what brings them down.


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